Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a charity we support.

This not-for-profit organization utilizes donated hair and resources to provide hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under the age of 18 with medical hair loss. The children receive hair prosthetics free of charge or on a sliding scale based on the family’s finances.

Locks of Love wants to meet the needs of every financially disadvantaged child struggling through medical hair loss. In the US, over 15,000 children develop cancer every year. Chemotherapy treatments cause medical hair loss lasting from 4–6 months. In the future we wish to provide specially designed synthetic hairpieces for the increasing number of children with short-term hair loss.

Alopecia Areata, an auto-immune condition, causes complete loss of scalp hair for 67,500 children. Radiation used to treat brain cancers often damage hair follicles permanently. Skin grafts on the scalp, as a result of severe burns or accidents, cause permanent hair loss. Insurance rarely covers the cost of a hair prosthetic for long-term hair loss. The demand for our services continues to escalate.

We need your help!

Donation Guidelines

  • You are required to have 12 inches to donate and 14 inches for a free haircut – no wigs, falls, or synthetic hair
  • Please bundle in a ponytail or braid
  • Hair needs to be clean, dry and placed in a plastic bag
  • We need hair from men and women, young and old, all colors, and all races
  • Hair may be permed, but not chemically damaged
  • Hair swept from the floor is not usable
  • Hair cut years ago is usable as long as it has been stored in a ponytail
  • Hair that is short, gray, or unsuitable for children will be separated from the ponytails and sold at fair market value to help offset manufacturing costs
  • You may straighten curly hair to measure the minimum 12 inches
    75% of all hair donated comes from children who wish to help other children
  • We wish to help all children who need help

Visit locksoflove.org for more information or contact us for how to donate at one of our Mentor salons.