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Bridal Alliances is a One Stop Solution!

One of the most frustrating parts about planning a wedding is the time meeting and interviewing those that will be a part of your big day.  From reception hall to down to your hair, you want to make sure that who you hire is understanding your vision of what the day will be like.  You also want to make sure that the companies you hire have experience and are with within your bridal budget.  A new trend happening now, is “bridal alliances”, companies who cater to wedding services.

Let me explain this further with using Jenniffer & Company as an example.  Jenniffer & Company is part of a group of professionals in the Mentor who have cater to wedding planning and the group is called “The Wedding Showcase”. “The Wedding Showcase” provides  brides the “on-stop-shopping”When you book with two or more of us wedding vendors, you can receive great deals and discounts. Our amazing showcase features several professionals networking together, to give you the wedding of your dreams. There are a total of eleven vendors that are a part of this fabulous showcase. Jenniffer & Company is the featured Salon and Spa in Lake County.  Jenniffer & Company has a group of innovated, talented and internationally trained beauty experts who will make you and your bridal party look flawless.  To capture the memories on your wedding day, Prelude Photography & Video makes sure that their experience captures every moment of your wedding day to have for years to come.

Next week’s blog we will be talking about the atmosphere and design of your big wedding day.

Wedding Planning “Hacks”

Being a bridal coordinator at Jenniffer & Company I have learned some new and easy “hacks” to plan make any wedding planning easier. Here are some you may want to use:

  1. Make a new email just for the wedding planning: This is a great little trick keeping your personal or work email inbox clean. Also, this way you can see all the wedding messages in one convenient place. You could make it your fiance’s last name and “wedding” and even the date of the wedding as the new email address.  Make sure the email is easy to remember.
  2. Use postcards instead of a card and envelope: Using a postcard for an RSVP or thank you card eliminates the cost of having to buy envelopes and also the hassle of having to seal all of those envelopes!
  3. Attend a Bridal Shows:  Bridal Shows offer so many ideas for wedding planning, and this gives you the opportunity to meet many vendors gathered together at one place. Plus, many of these shows have amazing prizes , giveaways and discounts.
  4. Use Post-It notes for making the seating chart: Use a few different colors of Post-It notes and label each color a group, such as; friends, family, work, etc.  
  5. Register at a store for your wedding registry that will allow you to exchange duplicate gifts and even return unwanted items for cash. Make sure to check the store’s guidelines and registry return policies, because each store can be different.  
  6. Same color, different dress: Having your bridesmaids wear all the same color dress, but letting  them pick their own style is a huge trend. This allows your wedding to look fabulous, but also allows your bridesmaids show their style and feel comfortable in a dress that best fits their body type.  
  7. Throw a Pre-Wedding, Wedding Party, Party: That’s a mouthful, but a great idea. Having a little get together prior to the wedding to have your bridesmaids meet your man’s groomsmen, so that they can get to know each other before the rehearsal dinner to eliminate those first awkward moments. It also gives you an excuse to have some fun!
  8. A Wedding Hashtag: Many bride’s post pictures throughout the process of wedding planning, and also the wedding guests might snap a few shots to post on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Create a cute hashtag such as #smithwedding2015, to have a little collection of pictures by the time the receptions over.

I hope these little tricks help you and give you some more ideas! Happy Wedding Planning!  If you want to know more or in the process of planning your wedding, make sure you contact me at Jenniffer & Company’s  Mentor Avenue location.  I look forward in assisting you with your big day!

Sara Ohler, Jenniffer & Company: Bridal Coordinator

Sara Ohler

We missed you at the PMA Bridal Show!

Last Sunday Jenniffer & Company’s bridal team were part of  the amazing PMA bridal show held at St. Noel Banquet Center in Willoughby Hills. The bridal show which was a true success since it was attended by a hundred plus beautiful brides.  Some of Jenniffer & Company’s talented stylists assisted the David’s Bridal fashion show models with their make-up and stylish up-dos. One of the highlights during the fashion show  was when one of the models was proposed to during the show. A sweet and endearing moment.  And yes, she said yes.

Jenniffer & Company’s bridal consultants from both of our locations were there to answer questions and provide information to all in attendance. Jenniffer & Company’s table was a hit since we gave out ten prizes which included free haircuts, pedicures, manicures, spray tans and regular tanning packages.  Jenniffer & Company gave out the ultimate grand prize: a Silver Bridal package! We were so happy to meet everyone and we received over fifty inquires about our bridal services! Bride’s had the chance to spin a colored game wheel and win prizes for coupons and gift certificates. Don’t worry you missed out on this great show, you have another chance.  Jenniffer & Company will be at the City of Mentor Fall Bridal Gala held at the Holiday Inn on Reynolds Road. This show will be held on Sunday October 4th, noon to 4pm.  Stop by and say hello, take a turn to spin the wheel and get ready for Jenniffer & Company to give out more prizes!

Jenniffer & Company will be at St. Noel’s Bridal Show

I am so excited announce that Jenniffer & Company will be at St. Noel’s Bridal Show Sunday, September 27th from 11am to 4pm. This is the biggest bridal show of the year that Jenniffer & Company participates in. The bridal show offers dozens of bridal booths for every bridal need! NJenniffer & Company will not only be doing hair and makeup for the runway show, we will also have a booth set up where you can win prizes!  Our bridal team will be there to answers any questions you may have.   You will also have the opportunity to see the full range of bridal services that we have to offer.  St. Noel’s Bridal Show is a high energy event  offers appetizers and drinks for you to taste!  And hopefully, Tuxedo Junction will have their awesome dancers come out and put on a show for us! Other vendors will also have prizes and might even have destination vacation giveaways.

Take a look at last years video: St. Noel’s Bridal Show 2014

I can only speak from years past but either way you will have a ball! So come taste good food, try delious cake, and watch Jenniffer & Company’s hair and makeup strut down the aisle!  Can’t waite to see you!


Tips and Tricks for an Inexpensive, Beautiful Wedding

Many women think it costs a lot of money to plan the perfect wedding. It can definitely get expensive, but here is some advice on how to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget.

First, start out by “Pinteresting” on  Seriously, Pintrest can be your best friend. I use it constantly for at home projects and that has savedme so much money.  “Pinteresting” also helps you recycle things that you would normally throw out. Recycling can be super thrifty, especially with decorations such as center pieces, table runners, and even decorations for around the alter. Brides can and sometime will, spend hundreds of dollars on center pieces, when they can spend forty or so dollars on “DIY-ing.”

Here is a centerpiece idea: A simple, yet elegant look is mason jars. They are super trendy and affordable. Depending on the size, you can get twelve mason jars for about ten to twenty dollars, floating candles for around eight dollars and marbles for around five. For this you fill the bottom of the jar with some marbles, fill with water, and place the floating candle on top. Simply add fake rose petals around the bottom for a cute little touch. Here’s an idea for center pieces that costs about thirty dollars for a set of twelve centerpieces.

Beyond centerpieces, Pinterest can also give you so many trendy but inexpensive ideas for where to have your wedding. Something that I have seen a lot of in recent years is holding the ceremony in a national park. Here are some things to consider when holding your ceremony in a national park. It is important that you remember that you have to apply for a permit, and once accepted it is free or close to nothing. In addition to the permits, make to sure that you are aware of all the park rules before pulling off that beautiful wedding. A park wedding may not be for everybody, but will be a wedding you and your quests will remember.

Here is another tip, it may sound a little cheesy, but it can end up saving you hundreds, and even close to a thousand or so dollars. Bring your own beer. Not everybody in your friend or family circle drinks. Having your guest bring their own alcohol eliminates a few factors, one the cost, but also the fact some people are not satisfied with the alcohol served at weddings. This puts the responsibility on them.

Flowers can get really expensive; many brides are going with simpler flowers other than roses that can be just as beautiful. Flower can be simple and beautiful with just tulips, baby’s breath and even just carnations.

Getting down to one of a bride’s biggest expenses: the dress. Here is an idea, start out at a consignment shop. Many towns, even in northeast Ohio, have consignment dress shops. This is a thrifty way to save tons of money and still get a beautiful gown. Consignment shops can have something that a bridal store might not have. If consignment shops don’t work out, move onto friends and family. I know many girls that re-wear their sister’s, cousin’s or friend’s dresses, and even their mother’s but get a few alterations to make it trendy. Another idea for dresses is to go online. Ordering something from a bridal shop offline can save you money compared to actually going into a store.

I hope that you can use a few of these simple tricks and tips to save money as well as giving you some fresh ideas for your wedding day! Happy planning!

Sara Ohler:  Jenniffer & Company Bridal Coordinator

Brides Quick and Easy Timeline

Bridal Beauty Timeline: A quick timeline suggested to make for easy, stress free wedding planning!

9-­12 Months Prior: ­

  • Basic planning: picking and booking of venue, start looking at dresses, look into vendors, salons, caterers, etc. for pricing and availability. ­
  • Set a budget, discuss with your parents, or fiance (depending on who’s helping to pay for the big day.) ­
  • Draft guest list ­ If you plan on “shedding for the Wedding,” set and begin an exercise and/or diet plan for yourself. ­
  • Pick the bridal party and ask your girls to be a part of your big day! ­
  • Test any new hair cuts or colors you have been considering

6-­9 Months Prior: ­

  • Mail out the Save­the­dates! ­
  • Plan and get your engagement photos done ­
  • Book hair and makeup appointments for you and your bridal party (At Jenniffer’s of course!) at least 6 months prior, but even a year before is normal. ­
  • If you are having one, your engagement party ­ Pick your wedding dress and make it official! ­
  • Book honeymoon hotels, any reservations, or flights ­
  • Pick an officiant ­
  • Make a final guest list

4­-6 Months Prior: ­

  • Finalize bridesmaids and groomsmen attire ­
  • Cake testing and ordering ­
  • Confirm all vendors and caterers ­
  • Plan rehearsal dinner ­
  • Register for your bridal shower gifts

2-4 Months Prior: ­

  • Send out invitations for the wedding day! ­
  • Make any final wedding day accessory choices ­
  • Whiten your teeth with your dentist, or start your at home routine.

1 Month Prior: ­

  • Apply for your marriage license 4­6 weeks prior to your wedding day ­
  • Print out all the wedding ceremony programs and any other stationery ­
  • Write and finalize your vows ­
  • Bridal shower ­
  • Hair and makeup trials (we suggest no less than a month prior)

1-­2 Weeks Prior: ­

  • Bachelorette Party ­ Final dress fitting ­
  • Final head count ­
  • Finalize seating chart ­
  • Get your hair trimmed and colored ­
  • Don’t forget about the future hubby, get his hair all trimmed

48 Hours Prior: ­

  • Fit in your manicure and pedicure for flawless nails! ­
  • Get your spray tan about 2­4 days before the wedding ­
  • Pack a wedding day bag with any accessories you may need, emergency beauty tools, etc.

Day before: ­

  • Rehearsal dinner ­
  • Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy and prevent under eye bags

Day of the Wedding: ­

  • Make sure to wake up bright and early ­
  • Be on time to all your hair and makeup appointments ­
  • Don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated ­
  • Stay relaxed ­
  • Get married and live happily ever after!

Happy Wedding Planning!

By: Sara Ohler Bridal Coordinator;

Some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for Picking a Wedding Day Salon

Is your wedding day fast approaching or you just said “Yes”? Right now you may be overwhelmed by what you should do when picking a salon for you and your bridal party. Here is a quick list of the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” when picking your wedding day salon.

  1. DO: the Research: Research online and check out the reviews and listen to what others have said about their experiences. Research all the companies that will be assisting you on your wedding day. Obviously people that have gone to a salon know what that salon has to offer, they have experienced the environment of the salon first hand. These people can give you feedback if the salon is professional, clean, efficient, and stylish and if they will be the right fit for your wedding day.
  2. DON’T: have a family or friend do your wedding day hair and makeup for you and your bridal party. It sounds nice to go to somebody you know, but sometimes it’s not that simple. It has been my experience that seven to eight times out of ten, the friend or family member backs out of their commitment. Most of the time it is last minute, leaving the bride hectically trying to find a new salon to take their place. This isn’t too ideal for you or your bridal party, staying away from the family/friend salon can eliminate the stress
  3. DO: Set up a consultation. When it comes to picking the salon in which you are gettingyour wedding day pampering in, set up a consultation with their bridal coordinator. This way you can experience the salon atmosphere and see if they offer what you are looking for. It is so important to feel comfortable in your salon, especially on your wedding day
  4. DON’T: go with the cheaper salon. You usually pay for what you get. Do research oncompetitive hair and makeup pricing that is relative to your area. You might be paying a little more to go to a higher end salon. Higher end salons can have higher rates because they have earned the right to set higher rates by making their client’s wedding day experience go flawlessly. Not only will you and your bridal party look great, but you will also feel relaxed on your perfect day.

written by: Sara Ohler, Jenniffer & Company Bridal Coordinator