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Salon Closed Until May 4, 2020


Our salons are closed for the safety of our customers and staff as we all ride out the  COVID-19  Pandemic.  We are monitoring and  following current State and Federal recommendations and are planning to re-open our salons for business on May 4th.

However, this is a fluid situation and our reopen date could change due to possible extension of Ohio’s Stay at Home Order.  Please join our email list to receive the latest reopening information.

Additionally, stay tuned to our Facebook page for upcoming specials, and we invite you support the salon by purchasing gift cards and products in our JCO Beauty Online Store.

Calls will be returned when we are in the office.  Thank you for your patience at this time.

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Jenniffer &Co’s Lexi Ingwer is named “Best Stylist” from Scene Magazine

Congratulations to Jenniffer & Company’s Lexi Ingwer for receiving Scene Magazine’s 2017 Best of Cleveland for “Best Stylist”

Alexia Ingwer has been a stylist for six years specializing in custom dimensional color. She is a certified Level 2 Goldwell Master Colorist and is skilled in the KMS IQ Cutting method.

Lexi became a Goldwell Artist nearly two years ago. “I love education and learning beyond the surface. I want to share and ignite that passion in others.” When teaching, she likes to cater to every style of learning by finding new and creative ways to deliver information.

Gathering inspiration from all over the world, Lexi adds a unique and fresh perspective to both her work behind the chair and with her classes. With great devotion to her own education, she is continuously growing and evolving as both a stylist and educator. Participating in Goldwell Colorzoom for five consecutive years has given Lexi the opportunity to expand her artistry and document her growth with every entry, allowing her to develop a unique and contemporary style of her own.

The Other Side of the Chair

SO I decided to make a drastic change with my hair. Being that I am not a hair dresser I know little about that department at all.  I was so amazed at what I learned during my transformation and I really want all my readers to know what should be happening when you sit down with your hair dresser.  I can only touch on my own personal experiences in the past from getting my hair done at other salons.  I am writing this blog from my own personal experience with Heather Slaybaugh a master colorist and educator at Jenniffer and company.

First of all let me start by saying how nervous I was to go from dark hair to hot pink.  I decided to do it for my sister fighting through breast cancer.  I had my hair colored blonde one other time and it was not a good experience at all.  The hair dresser didn’t listen to what I wanted, didn’t think about the integrity of my hair, was absent thru most of the service, and didn’t tell me how to take care of my hair.  I was sitting under a dryer with a second round of bleach on my hair and it started smoking! I finally found her and she said “that was normal!” Well needless to say my hair was fried and I had to cut it all off.

Before and in the process

I explained to Heather what I was looking for and my experience in the past.  In the consult she gave me different options on how to accomplish my desired look, pricing, timing it would take, and finally how to keep my hair in good condition.  I knew confidently what I was going into and I was ready!!! She kept me comfortable and interacted with me during my 5 hour process.  She explained what she was using and why.  She chose to use a gentle decolorizer that gave me a max lift and left my hair silky soft! Because of my dark hair she chose to add a deeper color to my roots so as my hair grew out it wouldn’t look undone.  She finally finished me off with an amazing color line called Elumen.  It is the only permanent color line out there for bright colors! It left my hair shiny, calmed my frizz, and added thickness to my hair.  She called it a bandage in a bottle and it really was!

The time flew by and I was so excited for the final result! She turned me around and I was beyond amazed.  She took her time and went above and beyond to give me what I wanted.  She then explained the importance of home maintenance to keep the color vibrant and after all I did just invest time and money into this look! She explained what products to use, to wash it in cool water, and to always blow dry it to keep the color sealed in.


Thank you Heather Slaybaugh for the amazing experience, education, and over all look! I am 3 weeks into my color and it looks as perfect as it did the first day and my hair still feels so soft! So next time you go to your hair dresser see if they do the same for you.  If not then you aren’t getting the service and results you deserve!

Drug Store makeup vs. Department Store

Hey there its Kristine again! So I thought today’s topic would be important to talk about since people are always asking me. I have been in the beauty business for 10 years now. I have work for high end department store makeup lines like Estee Lauder and Clarins. I have also work for Ulta Beauty which offered hundreds of prestige (high end) makeup lines as well as drug store brands.
I have trained, used, and compared ingredients in drug store and department store cosmetics and here is the conclusion I have come to. Department store and prestige makeup lines defiantly blow drug store brands out of the water.

  • Use better quality ingredients.
  • Use less filers like alcohol and silicones.
  • Tend not to clog pores.
  • Use active ingredients that can actually help with skin concerns like wrinkles and acne.
  • You get better service from people who have been thoroughly educated in the line.
  • Better pigment and longer lasting.

Now this does not mean that you need to splurge all your dollar bills on these expensive products. There are some products very similar in ingredients that work just as good as department store makeup. So save your money on nail polish, lip gloss, and mascaras. I don’t care for all drug store brands but my go to’s are:

  • L’Oreal for their: Mascara, eyeliners, and lip products.
  • NYX for their: Eye shadows, eyeliners, and matte lipsticks.
  • Revlon for their: Long stay non sticky lipsticks and nail polish.
  • Neutrogena: Powders and Foundations (Similar to Clinique)
  • Physicians Formula: High pigmented eye shadows and bronzers.

Spend money on good foundations and powders because they will last longer, look better, and not clog your pores. Also spend money on good eyeliners because no one likes the raccoon look at the end of a long day. And lastly spend money on good makeup brushes because they are made of natural fibers that will last a lot longer and help the makeup to go on flawlessly. Now for my Department Store favorites:

  • Estee Lauder: Eyeliners, concealer, and foundations. (The only kind of will wear)
  • IT Cosmetics: CC foundations, brushes, and powders.
  • Dior: Eye shadows
  • Stila- Eye shadow pallets and eyeliners.
  • Laura Geller: Concealers and eye shadows.
  • MAC: Eye shadows, eyeliners, and foundation.
  • Too Face: Bronzers and eye shadow pallets.

So long story short as you can see its kind of a tossup when it comes to department store verses drug store. So my advice is when in doubt look at ingredients or test the products first if you can.
By Kristine Kerr
Master Makeup Artist and Esthetician

Airbrush Makeup

So recently I took a trip to Houston for a Dinair Airbrush Makeup Class.  I have been doing airbrush makeup on my brides for 2 years now and I must say I learned soo much! I got to work one on one with Dina the inventor of airbrush makeup over 25 years ago.  It was such an honor for her to help me perfect my skills.airbrush

For those who don’t know what airbrush makeup is let me tell you! It is a small airbrushing gun that is attached to a small compressor that sprays out makeup like small pixels on the skin.  Foundation goes on 10 times lighter then 1 stroke of liquid foundation.  This makeup can do eye shadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, bronzers, blushes, eyebrows, and even tattoo and varicose vein cover up!  Because this mineral makeup goes on like small pixels it allows your skin to breath so you don’t get any clogged pores or breakouts.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this but you can even sleep in it! It matched beautifully to any skin tone and is very durable.PhotoGrid_1436823372178

If you have not tried this service yet I highly recommend it.  For a special night out or a big event this makeup will leave you looking flawless.  You can get anywhere from a natural look all the way to a full coverage glammed out look.

I am just totally in love with this product and the best part is I am able to do my entire makeup in less than 20 minutes and it looks like I spent hours on it! So the Dinair class was amazing and I couldn’t wait to share this information with you.

By Kristine Kerr: Makeup Artist/Esthetician


What’s a facial and why you need one!

We spend so much time and money trying to stop the aging process and covering what we don’t like. Do you find that your just not happy with your skin and you are not seeing results from your products?
This is where facials will be your new best friend! Facials are done by state certified estheticians that specialize in skin care and waxing.
What to expect during –
1. A skin care consultation going over concerns and goals.
2. A customized deep cleanse, exfoliation, and treatment mask.
3. An upper body and arm & hand massage (in most facials).
4. Results!!!
After your facial in complete your will be advised of an at home routine to keep your skin feeling amazing (It’s like an home workout!) Your products will be more effective and work deeper in your skin for maximum results. It is recommended that a facial is done every 4-5 weeks.


Special Event

Special even this Thursday!!

Special event this Thursday!! Make sure to share with all your friends and family.




Celebrate the holidays with us!!

Celebrate the holidays with us!

For the month of December join us every day until Christmas with a new theme! When you come in for your appointment, check our calendar to find out what that day’s theme is!! The crazier, the better!!!

Secret Santa Sample Sale!


 A Secret Santa Sample Sale!


A New York City style sample sale comes to Jennifer and Company!

Please join us for a evening of shopping and goodies.

Jennifer and Company, South

9420 Mentor Avenue

Thursday, December 11th

4pm – 8pm


W by Worth is a New York based fashion company featuring exclusive, modern and sophisticated clothing! 

Come and view this luxury clothing line and take advantage of the 50% off sample sale.

 W by Worth sales associates will be on hand to help you select the best pieces to fit your lifestyle and wardrobe needs.


Other Special Features of the Evening are:

 Pam Koch from Pam’s Beach Glass Art

Featuring handmade items made from glass collected from the shores of Lake Erie.

 and Ooo La Love – Jewelry, Clothing and Home Décor

* Please bring in a canned and/or un perishable item to donate. For every item you bring you will receive 1 raffle ticket for our silent auction!

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