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Ok ladies, we are excited to give you some information to share with the man in your life. Manicures and pedicures are not some “fu-fu” treatments that are meant solely for women anymore. You can help put the “man” in manicure, by getting them preferential treatment without the polish and the other services. Trimmed, cleaned, and buffed is how he should look after getting a pedicure and manicure. In fact, there is nothing exclusively feminine about getting any nails service. So getting them done should no longer be a problem for any man.  At Jenniffer & Company you can request a consultation with one of our many qualified nail technicians. Which will allow us to personalize your nail experience.  Of course, any, and all of our full-service nail options are available for men or women. So we hope to see you and your man soon.

Need some more convincing? Here are six reasons he should get a MANicure.

  1. HEALTHY HANDS AND FEET: Exfoliation is one of the key things to healthy skin and nail beds. More importantly, with the removal of dead skin; you are less likely to develop calluses. While getting your nail service you will have your cuticles removed, so no more painful ingrown nails. Additionally, stinky feet can be a serious problem for some people. Bacteria growth is usually the culprit. Getting a manicure or pedicure will clean all the dirt and grime that has built up. Unfortunately developing a nail fungus may be the result of not taking care of them properly whether you are a man or women.
  2. THE SEXY FACTOR: A man taking pride in his appearance is definitely sexy.
  3. IT LOOKS GOOD: When meeting someone new, the last thing you want to do is shake hands with your dry; rough hands. Also, summer is here and everyone wants to break out those sandals and flip flops. Do your toenails need to be clipped and filed? Jenniffer & Company is the best place to get your feet summertime ready.
  4. STRESS BUSTING: Does your man need a break from the day to day stresses of work? Well, I have some good news, getting a manicure and pedicure comes with a hand massage and a foot massage. Sit back and relax for an hour, let the nail technician help you destress. A healthy mind, body, and soul is good for the heart. Trust me when I say, your hands and feet will thank you. Maybe even the person in your life will love the new and improved you when you come home relaxed and refreshed.
  5. PAMPER YOURSELF: At Jenniffer & Company it doesn’t matter if you are a man or women, we are here to customize the services that work for you. Many men visit Jenniffer & Company for their manicures or pedicures. We promise to make you feel comfortable, but still, make you feel like a man.

We hope we have been able to debunk all of the fears and misconceptions that men have about manicures and pedicures. Call us today with any questions, or even better; to book your appointment!!

Get schooled on spray tanning!

With spring break coming up I am starting to see a lot of you hitting the tanning beds again.  As a licensed esthetician and educator I am here to give you a healthy alternative to the devil’s sun rays.  So let’s talk spray tanning and address your concerns and questions.

First I am going to throw out a useless but interesting fact.  Having a glowing tan was never popular until good old Mrs. Coco Chanel got a little too much sun while vacationing on her yacht.  After returning with the sun kissed glow… bammm everyone loved and wanted that look.

Ok now let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about how this works.  The solution used in our services contains no harsh chemicals.  Instead DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is used, which is beet extract.  It also contains botanicals, moisturizers, aloe vera, and erythrulose.  That last guy I just mentioned is natural sugar that gives the tan a natural or in my words not orange look.

Now we can check off everyone’s 2 biggest worries.  No Orange and no harsh chemicals.

Like a sliced apple that turns brown, DHA has an enzymatic reaction with the amino acids in our dead skin cells.  This is why spray tans only last 3 to 7 days.  Your body is constantly shedding off those dead cells.  Just like an apple takes a while to turn brown the DHA works the same way on the skin.  People like to see their tan right away so some solutions contain dye to give a temporary tan to the skin.  When you go to shower what you see rinse down the drain is that dye and not your spray tan so don’t fret!

So now the science of the solution is out of the way so let’s talk shop.  I see people everywhere offering spray tans, but at Jenniffer & Company,  we like to set ourselves apart from the rest!  With over 10 different professional solutions we can custom blend the perfect spray tan for you.  The is blend is based on your undertone, personal preference, and reason for tan.   Our spray tan service is $35 for 1 or $50 for 2 and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

To prep please shower, shave, and exfoliate 24 hours prior to the service for best results.  The day of service come in loose fitted clothing with no makeup, deodorant, or lotion on.  You are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable during the service.  The solution takes about 2 to 5 hours to develop on the skin but sleeping in it overnight gives the best results! When you shower do not use anything that exfoliates your body.  For the following days apply a moisturizer or tan extender to keep your tan fresh.

Ok you are now well educated on how spray tans work, how to prep, and how to get it to last.  My job here is done! Call in to get your glow in with one of our professionals today!

Article written by: Kristine Kerr, Advanced Esthetician/Instructor/Spray Tan Technician

Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

Hello everyone and happy summer!!! In the past months I have been getting to know a lot more about North Coast Laser and the services they offer. One of the services they have in common with Jenniffer and Company is hair removal. We both specialize in this service but in totally different ways. Here at JCO we use a soy based wax to pull the hair from the follicle. Where at NCL, a special machine is used to laser the hair follicle. In this blog, I will talk about the benefits of both services to inform you of your options so you may best chose which service is right for you.
First lets talk about laser hair removal. I was very intrigued by this service because I am half Italian and half werewolf. Well not really but the hair on my face says otherwise. Anyways, the laser uses high concentrated light to beam into the hair follicle. The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the light and destroys the hair. This service is so quick and after 3-7 treatments a lot of the hair is permanently removed. To treat my entire face and neck the specialist had me in and out of the office in 10 minutes. It felt like a quick snapping of a rubber band and after my face felt a little sunburned. So with that being said, you should also know that the lighter the skin and the darker the hair the better results you will have. So sorry to break it to you blondies out there, but unless the hair you are looking to remove is dark then this will not work for you. During your series of treatments you should not expose yourself to sun or remove the hair being treated. This includes waxing and plucking. If you are unsure if your hair is dark enough or you have any questions just call and schedule a consultation!
Now, my specialty at JCO is waxing using a soy based waxed called NUFREE. I wax everything head to toe on the body. This product is amazing for people with sensitive skin and allergies. The wax is made to grab the hair and not the skin. It also goes down into the hair follicle to slow down the hair growth and help it to grow back in finer over time. This service lasts 4-6 weeks depending on your hair growth. Depending on the size of the area waxing takes anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour. As your skin gets used to the waxing the pain and redness become less and less. In order to be waxed the hair must be at least ¼” in length. Also 24 hour prior and post wax the skin should not be exposed to the sun or any exfoliating ingredients like retinol or acne medication.
The two other most popular forms of hair removal are shaving and chemical hair removers. When shaving hair it gets cut on an angle and the follicle is left in tack allowing the hair grows back faster. The angle of the hair can make the hair look darker and cause irritation against the skin and ingrowns. Chemical hair removers like Nair burn the hair down to the skin but the harsh chemicals can severely irritate the skin and cause burns. Welp I think I covered the basics to hair removal and I hope I helped give you a better idea of how to chose what is best for you!
Call Northcoast Laser today for a free consultation and tell then Kristine sent you! 440-639-3223
Call Jenniffer and Company today and get $8 off your next eyebrow wax with me Kristine! 440-266-4247
By Kristine Kerr Esthetician and Makeup Artist

Kristine Kerr

Jenniffer & Company partners with Northcoast!

I am excited to announce that I will be working with Northcoast laser Cosmetics.  I will be blogging about my experiences and procedures to help answer your questions and concerns!  I want you to comment on these blogs about any questions or procedures you might be interested in!  As I start this journey with Northcoast I will also be offering special promotions through these blogs only so keep a close eye out for what’s new to come!!! Northcoast Laser is a treatment center that offers all of the latest treatments in permanent hair removal, Botox, fillers, body shaping, microneedling and more.  My good friend and Esthetician Andrea will be guiding all of us through this wonderful journey.   She has been with Northcoast since 2002. She was inducted into the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in 2005, and specializes in micro-needling, chemical peels, Jet Peels and is highly skilled in the body contour treatment called Coolsculpting, and holds an advanced training certification from Coolsculpting University.

The goals for Andrea and I are to combined forces to give you the maximum results in skincare.  Are businesses are less than 5 minutes apart from each other which makes it convenient for our guests.  We are so excited to start this new journey together so stay tuned for what is next to come!


Kristine Kerr


So in today’s blog to keep going with the theme of Skin Care September we are going to talk about Acne and Rosacea. So many people are touched by this and A-can’t get it under control B-Are not using the right products or C-Don’t know they have this.

So let’s start off with acne! According to the Acne Research Center 85% of teenagers and 20% of adults suffer from acne. Acne is the disorder of oil glands. Your skin acquires makeup, dead skin, oil, sweat and so much more throughout the day. It falls into your oil glands and hair follicles and becomes clogged because your skin can not properly push the debris out. There are many causes that can trigger this disorder. Let’s start with my favorite and most scary one!
Demodex Mites. Yep we all have them! However, 90% of teen acne is caused from these creepy little mites and the other 10% are caused from bacteria. Reference from Click here for more information on Demodex mites

These mites live in the base of your hair follicle and come out at night to feed on your oil and debris. Upon death they excrete waste and bacteria which spreads and blocks pores. They are extremely active during breakouts. The other and more well known causes are from sugar, dairy, and hormones. Dairy boosts testosterone hormones in body and sugar spikes blood sugar which in turn increases hormone production. Hormones stimulate oil production and BANG you have acne. Most people run straight to products that are too strong and strip the skin like ProActive. Proactive is meant for stage 4 acne. So unless you face looks like this do not use it! How to treat it? Talk to your esthetician or dermatologist to get you on a prop skincare diet. Also look for ingredients that have Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, and retinoids to name a few. Change your pillowcase at least once a week and cleanse you skin before going to bed. Stay tuned for part 2 to this blog where I will talk about Rosacea!
By Kristine Kerr

Kristine Kerr

Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning

Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning have become two of Jennifer and Company’s top selling skin care services. Today, I want to tell you about both to help you decide which treatment would be best for you.

Microdermabrasion  is a machine that sucks and blows tiny crystals on the skin.  It pretty much acts like a buffer! The suction increases blood flow and stimulates collagen.  This leaves the skin looking plump and full of life.  As the crystals hit the skin it removes dead skin and debris from pores.  This helps to minimize the pores.  It also helps with dull dry skin, fine lines, and acne scarring.  It is recommended you do a series of 4 to 6 treatments a week apart from each other to receive the full benefits.  This treatment is not for everyone though.  If you have rosacea or cystic acne forget it.  It will just stimulate redness and cause further breakout in the skin.  Also if you are on any acne medications or retinols you would have to stop using a couple days prior and post treatment.  Also it is highly recommended you don’t tan.  In fact if you do tan I will not perform this treatment on you because once the dead skin is gone it leaves you highly exposed to great damage like burning and hyperpigmentation (sun spots.) The contraindications to this are: peeling, swelling, redness, and feeling of wind burn.

Dermaplaning is similar and different to micro.  Instead of a machine your esthetician will manually use a scalpel in a light scraping motion to physically remove dead skin and hair.  Yes it may sound scary but it really is not.  In fact this is my favorite treatment! This is like getting a chemical peel without any peeling removing 2-3 weeks of built of dead skin and left over makeup.  It leaves your skin looking renewed and soft and allows for you’re at home products to work deeper in the skin.  This is also great for people with access hair on the face.  If waxing breaks you out then this is a great alternative!  It keeps the fine hair away for up to 5 weeks just like waxing.  Yes coarser hair will grow back quicker because that is the nature of the hair.  Again this is not for everyone like people who have acne.  But good news is just about every other skin type can benefit from this.  This treatment is recommended once every 4-5 weeks.  Again you cannot be on any acne medication or retinols.  If you tan will not do this on you either.  The contraindications to this are: small nicks in skin, redness, allergic reaction to nickel, raised lesions, and inflamed acne.

Both micro and derm work to exfoliate the skin in different ways and may be combined with chemical peels to work deeper into the skin.  We start out by cleansing and wiping the skin with alcohol to tighten and remove any oil.  The treatment is done and then the rest of your daily skincare products are applied.  Both treatments take about a half an hour.  It is highly recommended that you purchase a zinc oxide based Sunscreen (like our Image Prevention SPF.)  Your skin is left highly exposed to the sun and environment so you need to keep it protected or you are just throwing $$ away getting these treatments.   

By Kristine Kerr-Managing Esthetician

Kristine Kerr

How Season Changes Affect Your Skin

As we transition into fall I thought now would be a good time to talk about your skin and how season changes affect it. This is something not really talked about and a lot of people don’t know what a season change can do.
In the warmer seasons you tend to need less moisturizer because it is warm out and this naturally creates more sebum or oil in this skin keeping it well hydrated. As the season changes to fall you may notice redness, dullness, and even breakout. Your skin is very smart and by this point has gotten used to the heat and now has to readjust. With this change you should also change your skin care routine. You should have a summer skincare routine and a winter skin care routine. Summer skincare usually consists of a clear bubbly cleanser according to your skin type and light weight moisturizer that should only be used on areas of the skin that feel dry.
As winter reaches its full potential of cold and wind your skin goes through the worst of all seasons. Going from extreme cold and wind outside into a warm cozy home can cause your skin to form a barrier of extra dead dry skin. This can cause your skin to feel tight, agitated, red, dull, and bumpy. It can also cause more breakouts and this reason is as the dead skin builds on top it forces any breakout underneath to get trapped and spread. A good winter skincare routine should consist of a cleanser, exfoliater, and a heavier moisturizer.
If you are experiencing this during the season changes, are ready to get on the right skincare routine, or you just don’t know which products to use I highly recommend getting a facial. This allows the esthetician to examine what is really going on with your skin and help guide you into the proper products you should be using. Getting facials on a seasonal basis also allows for a deep cleanse, removal of dead skin, and replenishing of proper nutrition and hydration. This in turn will allow your products to work deeper at home. I hope this helped you all and look forward to seeing you in my spa!
Kristine Kerr
Managing Esthetician (