Bridal Alliances is a One Stop Solution!

One of the most frustrating parts about planning a wedding is the time meeting and interviewing those that will be a part of your big day.  From reception hall to down to your hair, you want to make sure that who you hire is understanding your vision of what the day will be like.  You also want to make sure that the companies you hire have experience and are with within your bridal budget.  A new trend happening now, is “bridal alliances”, companies who cater to wedding services.

Let me explain this further with using Jenniffer & Company as an example.  Jenniffer & Company is part of a group of professionals in the Mentor who have cater to wedding planning and the group is called “The Wedding Showcase”. “The Wedding Showcase” provides  brides the “on-stop-shopping”When you book with two or more of us wedding vendors, you can receive great deals and discounts. Our amazing showcase features several professionals networking together, to give you the wedding of your dreams. There are a total of eleven vendors that are a part of this fabulous showcase. Jenniffer & Company is the featured Salon and Spa in Lake County.  Jenniffer & Company has a group of innovated, talented and internationally trained beauty experts who will make you and your bridal party look flawless.  To capture the memories on your wedding day, Prelude Photography & Video makes sure that their experience captures every moment of your wedding day to have for years to come.

Next week’s blog we will be talking about the atmosphere and design of your big wedding day.