Wedding Planning “Hacks”

Being a bridal coordinator at Jenniffer & Company I have learned some new and easy “hacks” to plan make any wedding planning easier. Here are some you may want to use:

  1. Make a new email just for the wedding planning: This is a great little trick keeping your personal or work email inbox clean. Also, this way you can see all the wedding messages in one convenient place. You could make it your fiance’s last name and “wedding” and even the date of the wedding as the new email address.  Make sure the email is easy to remember.
  2. Use postcards instead of a card and envelope: Using a postcard for an RSVP or thank you card eliminates the cost of having to buy envelopes and also the hassle of having to seal all of those envelopes!
  3. Attend a Bridal Shows:  Bridal Shows offer so many ideas for wedding planning, and this gives you the opportunity to meet many vendors gathered together at one place. Plus, many of these shows have amazing prizes , giveaways and discounts.
  4. Use Post-It notes for making the seating chart: Use a few different colors of Post-It notes and label each color a group, such as; friends, family, work, etc.  
  5. Register at a store for your wedding registry that will allow you to exchange duplicate gifts and even return unwanted items for cash. Make sure to check the store’s guidelines and registry return policies, because each store can be different.  
  6. Same color, different dress: Having your bridesmaids wear all the same color dress, but letting  them pick their own style is a huge trend. This allows your wedding to look fabulous, but also allows your bridesmaids show their style and feel comfortable in a dress that best fits their body type.  
  7. Throw a Pre-Wedding, Wedding Party, Party: That’s a mouthful, but a great idea. Having a little get together prior to the wedding to have your bridesmaids meet your man’s groomsmen, so that they can get to know each other before the rehearsal dinner to eliminate those first awkward moments. It also gives you an excuse to have some fun!
  8. A Wedding Hashtag: Many bride’s post pictures throughout the process of wedding planning, and also the wedding guests might snap a few shots to post on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Create a cute hashtag such as #smithwedding2015, to have a little collection of pictures by the time the receptions over.

I hope these little tricks help you and give you some more ideas! Happy Wedding Planning!  If you want to know more or in the process of planning your wedding, make sure you contact me at Jenniffer & Company’s  Mentor Avenue location.  I look forward in assisting you with your big day!

Sara Ohler, Jenniffer & Company: Bridal Coordinator