Tips and Tricks for an Inexpensive, Beautiful Wedding

Many women think it costs a lot of money to plan the perfect wedding. It can definitely get expensive, but here is some advice on how to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget.

First, start out by “Pinteresting” on  Seriously, Pintrest can be your best friend. I use it constantly for at home projects and that has savedme so much money.  “Pinteresting” also helps you recycle things that you would normally throw out. Recycling can be super thrifty, especially with decorations such as center pieces, table runners, and even decorations for around the alter. Brides can and sometime will, spend hundreds of dollars on center pieces, when they can spend forty or so dollars on “DIY-ing.”

Here is a centerpiece idea: A simple, yet elegant look is mason jars. They are super trendy and affordable. Depending on the size, you can get twelve mason jars for about ten to twenty dollars, floating candles for around eight dollars and marbles for around five. For this you fill the bottom of the jar with some marbles, fill with water, and place the floating candle on top. Simply add fake rose petals around the bottom for a cute little touch. Here’s an idea for center pieces that costs about thirty dollars for a set of twelve centerpieces.

Beyond centerpieces, Pinterest can also give you so many trendy but inexpensive ideas for where to have your wedding. Something that I have seen a lot of in recent years is holding the ceremony in a national park. Here are some things to consider when holding your ceremony in a national park. It is important that you remember that you have to apply for a permit, and once accepted it is free or close to nothing. In addition to the permits, make to sure that you are aware of all the park rules before pulling off that beautiful wedding. A park wedding may not be for everybody, but will be a wedding you and your quests will remember.

Here is another tip, it may sound a little cheesy, but it can end up saving you hundreds, and even close to a thousand or so dollars. Bring your own beer. Not everybody in your friend or family circle drinks. Having your guest bring their own alcohol eliminates a few factors, one the cost, but also the fact some people are not satisfied with the alcohol served at weddings. This puts the responsibility on them.

Flowers can get really expensive; many brides are going with simpler flowers other than roses that can be just as beautiful. Flower can be simple and beautiful with just tulips, baby’s breath and even just carnations.

Getting down to one of a bride’s biggest expenses: the dress. Here is an idea, start out at a consignment shop. Many towns, even in northeast Ohio, have consignment dress shops. This is a thrifty way to save tons of money and still get a beautiful gown. Consignment shops can have something that a bridal store might not have. If consignment shops don’t work out, move onto friends and family. I know many girls that re-wear their sister’s, cousin’s or friend’s dresses, and even their mother’s but get a few alterations to make it trendy. Another idea for dresses is to go online. Ordering something from a bridal shop offline can save you money compared to actually going into a store.

I hope that you can use a few of these simple tricks and tips to save money as well as giving you some fresh ideas for your wedding day! Happy planning!

Sara Ohler:  Jenniffer & Company Bridal Coordinator