How Season Changes Affect Your Skin

As we transition into fall I thought now would be a good time to talk about your skin and how season changes affect it. This is something not really talked about and a lot of people don’t know what a season change can do.
In the warmer seasons you tend to need less moisturizer because it is warm out and this naturally creates more sebum or oil in this skin keeping it well hydrated. As the season changes to fall you may notice redness, dullness, and even breakout. Your skin is very smart and by this point has gotten used to the heat and now has to readjust. With this change you should also change your skin care routine. You should have a summer skincare routine and a winter skin care routine. Summer skincare usually consists of a clear bubbly cleanser according to your skin type and light weight moisturizer that should only be used on areas of the skin that feel dry.
As winter reaches its full potential of cold and wind your skin goes through the worst of all seasons. Going from extreme cold and wind outside into a warm cozy home can cause your skin to form a barrier of extra dead dry skin. This can cause your skin to feel tight, agitated, red, dull, and bumpy. It can also cause more breakouts and this reason is as the dead skin builds on top it forces any breakout underneath to get trapped and spread. A good winter skincare routine should consist of a cleanser, exfoliater, and a heavier moisturizer.
If you are experiencing this during the season changes, are ready to get on the right skincare routine, or you just don’t know which products to use I highly recommend getting a facial. This allows the esthetician to examine what is really going on with your skin and help guide you into the proper products you should be using. Getting facials on a seasonal basis also allows for a deep cleanse, removal of dead skin, and replenishing of proper nutrition and hydration. This in turn will allow your products to work deeper at home. I hope this helped you all and look forward to seeing you in my spa!
Kristine Kerr
Managing Esthetician (